Intelligent Manure Treatment System
Detail of Project

Intelligent manure treatment system

Based on environmental protection, turning waste into treasure, brings new profit points for animal husbandry.

1. Don't need additional heat source , and use the chicken house exhaust air and the remaining heat of the chicken to dry the chicken manure.

2. Reduce more than 60% of fine dust and reduce the occurrence of lung diseases in livestock and workers.

3. The water content in fresh chicken manure can be reduced to about 20% within 48 hours

4. The air-drying equipment is a modular product, and its production capacity is designed and produced in accordance with the actual needs of customers separately to ensure that all manure can be handled during the breeding process timely.

5. It has the characteristics of high automation, safety, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low operating cost, low failure rate, long service life, etc.

6. Through the air-drying process, it can prevent the peculiar smell of fresh manure during fermentation and the breeding of diseases and insect pests, and other damages to the environment and personnel.

7. The air-dried chicken manure is suitable for long-term storage to various fertilization seasons, and greatly reduces transportation and storage costs. It is the best basic material for processing biomass pellets (high-grade organic pellet fertilizers).